During their special event today, Apple kicked things off with some Apple TV announcements, not only revealing that the Apple TV store is quite successful, with over 8,000 apps in just a year since the app store was launched.

They also revealed that there is also over 1,600 pieces of content that you can watch on the Apple TV, from TV shows, all the way up to the latest football games. Some guys from Twitter also came on stage to stage to reveal their plans for an integration with Apple TV, which will automatically pull tweets from people about the game, right alongside the device.

it will also feature a number of buttons to reply to votes, as well as an integration that will let you send tweets to your iPhone, allowing you to reply to them, without having to find the tweet manually.


Apple also had some of their own announcements to make, revealing the launch of a new app that has been designed by Apple themselves.

It has been named ‘TV’ and will provide you with access to a range of content that has been pulled from the apps that you have been installed, with the ability to play video content like Game of Thrones right from the HBO app.

TV will also host all of your iTunes library content, as well as allow you to access to iTunes to store to rent and but new content right from Apple.

To make this work, Apple has launched a single-sign-on feature, which will allow you to sign into all of these apps with one single account, and to top it off, this new TV app will even work with devices other than the Apple TV, such as on the iPad or iPhone, and it will integrate with Siri to allow you to use your voice to play content from the TV app.

But that’s not all.


Siri will also be able to integrate with live content from your various content apps, allowing you to say something like “watch CBS News” and it will take you to the live CBS News channel app.

But you don’t have to say the channel that you want to watch, Siri will also be able to find the right channel for the content that you are watching with commands such as “watch the Auburn football game”, and it will take you to the right place to watch that live.

Apple’s new TV app will be launched this December for free in the US to start off with.

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