Apple iPhone event is getting closer and pretty soon there will be a new iPhone on the block, which so far looks like we might be getting a brand new iPhone 4s, with the possibility of an iPhone 5 at a later date, but so far anything could happen. One of the main things we know Apple will release today is their brand new iOS 5 alongside their new iCloud service, which so far is only available in the US.

But according to The Guardian’s sources, ‘iTunes in the cloud’ has now been cleared for a Europe launch, with the UK to be the first to get hands on the service, but The Guardian still says it may be unlikely for Apple to get deals with the major record labels here in Europe. iTunes in the Cloud will basically allow you to buy music from iTunes and then re-download the music to any Apple device of your choice without the need of paying for it again.

What do you think will happen at Apple’s iPhone event today? What will they release? Will they cut of the iPod Classic and Shuffle? Why not check out our live blog to find out what happens at the event when it happens, and do not forget to follow us on Twitter @technuttyblog, the receive all the latest news and reviews.

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