Apple has today released another tool that should prevent the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from being stolen.

The new tool has been dubbed the Activation Look, and allows users to check a device’s IMEI number/ serial number against Apple’s Find My iPhone database for stolen devices.

What’s more users will be forced to do this for any device’s which have been bought used, which should hopefully help to reduce the amount of stolen devices, well at lest Apple devices.

This will become apparent as the user connects the device to activate it, which will detect the device’s activation look status once connected.

The tool can also be used by someone who want’s to sell their iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch, allowing the seller to disable any activiation locks on the device before they sell it, they will however need to e the rightful owner in order to do this.

You can find out more about the tool at the link below.

Source: Apple

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