Apple kicked off the first announcement during their iPhone X event today with the Apple Watch.

Of course, before then we did get some information about the numbers and stats about the last Apple Watch, which they say is now the number one watch in the world, however, they did get to the main announcement soon after that information was revealed, announcing details about the latest version of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 3.

It looks pretty similar to the last watch, however, it does have one major feature and that is that it has cellular built-in, allowing you to receive calls from your Apple Watch and access data, without any need for a phone.

This will work alongside a number of different apps on the watch, however, Apple wanted to highlight the fact that their own Apple Music service will work on the Apple Watch.

There’s also a new dual-core processor that is 70% faster than the previous version, there’s also a new W2 sensor that is 50% more efficient, and a number of other new integrations for further tracking.

To top that off,  Siri on the Apple Watch will also be able to talk.

An interesting thing is that the Apple Watch features an integrated electronic sim, not a nano-sim, which they did for good reason, size. In fact, they said that the case for the Apple Watch Series 3 is the same as Series 2.

There will also be a number of new cases with a range of cases, and a brand new sports band that has been designed to be easy to remove and work great for those people who enjoy fitness.

And the ceramic design will also return, but this time it will be in a dark grey finish, instead of the previous white version.

And all of that will come

Series 3 without a cellular antenna for $329 or with a cellular antenna for $399 and Series 1 will also still be available for $249, we don’t know UK pricing yet, but we do know that EE will be supplying it in the UK.

You will be able to order it from September 15th and it will be available from September 22nd.


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