Apple are set to launch a number of new products in the next few days, just over 4 days to be exact.

As of yet we don’t really know what will come from the event, well aside from the rumours that we have already heard surrounding the iPhone 6, iWatch (yes that rumour is still going strong), and maybe even a second iPhone device. Some even think that Apple might have some things for the Mac to show off due to location of the event.

With this lack of knowledge Apple has decided to tease us further with the release of a live stream page that is counting down to the moment that the event and the live stream for it will kick off.

Once it does kick off those who don’t have a press invite to the show will be able to watch the events unfold via a computer running Safari 5.1.10 or later on Mac OS X v10.6.8 or Safari on iOS 6.0 or later, or even via the Apple TV for which you need the software version 5.0.2 or later.

You can find out more about the event and watch it is ready at the source link below.

Source: Apple

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