You may be thinking from the title above, Apple launched the iPhone 5 weeks ago why are you only just reviewing a Lightning connector for it?

Well for some unknown reason, although Apple managed to ship the iPhone 5 out to thousands of customers in just a few weeks, the Lightning connectors have taken much longer.

Thanks to MobileFun we do now have our hands-on these connectors and can finally take a look at Apple’s compensation for getting rid of the old connector, the first of which is the bound to be needed by many, the Lightning to 30-pin Connector adapter, which allows you to connect your already purchased leads and accessories with the new Lightning connector devices.

The 30-pin adapter itself is a lot like you would expect and features a male Lightning connector on one end with a female 30-pin connector on the other and they simply just work if I’m honest.

The Lightning to MicroUSB is also quite similar to the 30-pin except there’s a microUSB port on the other side but the one thing that impressed me with this adapter, is that by releasing it Apple has finally accepted that other cables may be better than their own, and means you can use any microUSB cable that may be lying around to charge and sync your iPhone/ iPad and iPod Touch.

On Apple’s website it states that the 30-pin connector will support analog audio output, USB audio as well as Sync/ charge however it does not state whether the microUSB adapter does, which after testing I can confirm that it does not, which is a bit of a bummer if I’m honest.

The weird part about these adapters is how small they are, they’re so small when I first opened the microUSB adapter box it fell out and I lost it, I would say it is thinner than your smallest finger nail, but Apple has still managed to keep to their usual sleek and clean design.

Both of the cables are also pretty expensive, which a lot of people come to expect from Apple, but the price of these is terrible with the Lightning to 30-Pin Converter priced at around £30 and the Lightning to MicroUSB Adapter priced a little lower at £20, which is actually the same price as a cable would normally be.

But it is a necessary adapter if you previously owned an Apple product with a ton of accessories but don’t want to purchase any new accessories, surely though Apple should have included the 30-pin adapter with each new iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch, instead of basically forcing customers to pay out even more money to them.

If you would like these cables you can pick them up at MobileFun along with various other iPhone 5 chargers.

As mentioned before MobileFun did provide us with these cables, but all views and opinions are completely my own.

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