It has today been revealed that Apple has lost a case against a company in China.

The case was for the iPhone trademark which Apple claims that a Chinese case maker has violated. Xintong Tiandi filed the trademark for the use of iPhone in China within the leather good category back in 2006, which was then granted in 2012.

Despite Apple also filing for the use of the iPhone trademark back in 2012, and then getting it approved in 2013, Apple lost their case against the case company today, and as such, they have failed from stopping the company from using the iPhone name for its leather goods.

Xintong Tiandi said the following after the ruling:

“The ‘iphone’ brand can blossom widely outside Apple. We will take the ‘iphone’ marque to its pinnacle, and together bring more benefit to the community of ‘iphone’ consumers!”

China has a long reputation for rulings like these, and previously Apple ended up having to pay out $60 million to get the iPad trademark in China, and as we know, China has a huge reputation for having a number of copycat companies.

As of yet, we don’t know what will come from this ruling, however, it is likely that Apple will attempt to get around the ruling in other ways.

We will update you as we hear more.

Via: The Guardian

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