Apple has already brought their Force Touch technology to both the MacBook, Magic Trackpad 2 and the iPhone (although the iPhone version is called 3D Touch), this allows users to use a haptic feedback motor to generate the feel of a mouse click without an actual tactile movement, and can offer up more options for apps if the user applies more pressure than a usual touch.

Now it seems as though Apple are adding this to the Magic Mouse also, after releasing a patient for the implementation of the technology into the mouse.

This is as according to the Patently Apple website, who claim that this is happening, as according to the recent patient.

Here’s the description of the patient:

A mouse is typically an input device that can generally be manipulated by a user to provide directional input to an associated electronic device. In some cases, such a mouse may include one or more selection elements to which a user can apply force in order to indicate a selection. However, such selection elements are generally binary-they are activated, or they are not. That is, the selection elements typically only detect whether or not a force exceeding a particular threshold has been applied and cannot determine the actual amount of force that has been applied within a range of force amounts.

A force sensing input device (such as a force sensing mouse) includes at least one force sensor and at least one top portion movably connected to at least one bottom portion. When a force is applied to the top portion, the top portion exerts pressure on the force sensor. The force sensor obtains force data based upon the pressure. The amount of force applied to the top portion, within a range of force amounts, is determined from at least the force data. In this way, a broader range of inputs may be receivable from the force sensing input device as compared to input devices that merely detect whether or not a button or similar element has been pushed.

This is something that makes sense, and it’s actually strange that they haven’t done it yet, however, as of yet, Apple hasn’t actually confirmed the existence of a Force Touch Magic Mouse, but if it is going to happen, we would expect it to do so within the year.

Source: Patently Apple

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