According to a report that was posted by Bloomberg today, Apple may be building a dedicated AI chip into the long-rumoured iPhone 8, which they say may be calling the Apple Neural Engine.

The report also suggests that this chip would be used to offload artificial intelligence based tasks that require complex algorithms, including things like speech recognition, augmented reality, and facial recognition.

This is interesting because it has also been rumoured that Apple will feature facial recognition into this new iPhone.

This chip would allow the iPhone to use the main processor for the day-to-day workings of the smartphone, while possibly improving the battery life on top.

According to the report, the dedicated ship will set alongside the iPhone’s processor and graphics chip, as well as the other chips and processors in the smartphone.

Despite the report being from Bloomberg, it is possible that this might be true, or if it will be featured in the iPhone 8 or later, however, it’s certainly interesting.

We will be sure to update you when we hear the official stuff.

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