This is a somewhat strange story that only highlights the world that we live in the world, where people quite regularly stereotype people just because of similarities, a problem that goes from the random person walking down the street all the way up to the American presidential candidate.

Today that problem was highlighted further when an employee at an Apple store mistaken a customer for Saddam Hussein and refused to refund his purchase.

The person in question is Sharakat Hussain, who took the iPhone 7 into an Apple store that he purchased for his sister, but wanted to get a refund of £799 for the phone as it was unwanted.

The employee said that he was on a “Government Denied Parties” list, which Apple is legally forbidden to sell products to, and as such, they refused his refund.

Sharakat gave the following statement:

“I thought the email was spam and was stunned to learn it was real. I was furious being linked to Saddam.”

Since this story has came to light, Apple has vowed to help Sharakat to get a refund, and they have offered their apologies for the inconvenience.

However, a simple sorry may not be enough.

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