For the third year in a row Apple has been named as the world’s most valuable brand on the recent list by Forbes, listing the company with an estimated brand value of $104.3 billion. This comes after the company took the top spot from Coca Cola on Interbrand’s most valuable brands list.

On the Forbes list, Apple is followed by Microsoft at 2nd, Coca-Cola at 3rd, IBM at 4th and Google at the 5th spot, however in terms of actual brand value, none of these are anywhere close to Apple’s total estimated value, with Coca Cola only grabbing about half of the value that Apple has.

Some companies are managing to grab higher spots on the list however, with Samsung now at the 9th spot on the list, they have managed to improve their ranking by 53 percent in just a year, or rather 130 percent in the last three years.

Source: Forbes

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