Apple already has a number of retail stores around the world, but one place they didn’t have a store is in Brazil, well until today anyway, as the store has since been opened in the popular Village mall in Rio de Janeiro, hosting a space for Brazilians to pick up all of Apple’s offerings and accessories for them.

On opening day around 1,700 shippers queued up outside the story, hoping to be one of the first to pick up one of Apple’s many products, for which they will have to pay a higher price tag, due to the high import taxes in the UK.

For example in the country an iPhone 5S costs $1174 compared to $649 in the US, and the iPad Air costs $700 compared to $499 in the US.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also tweeted about the opening, “Obrigado’ to everyone who visited our new store in Rio de Janeiro today and to our terrific customers across Brazil!

Source: 9to5Mac

Image Credit: Apple

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