A new patent application that was filed by Apple has today revealed new details on the companies plans to reveal a version of Siri that will be available for the Mac, bringing similar functionality to what is currently included in iOS, allowing users to access a number of features via various voice commands.

Apple describes the patent as an “intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment”, and then goes onto explain the feature throughout its 92 page publication, which was published by the U.S. Patent and trademark office earlier today.

The Apple Insider website explains a little more about what the new Siri for Mac might be like :

“Apple’s desktop Siri version uses “focus selector,” or mouse cursor, to help users apply context to a command. For example, the assistant can perform a copy operation for an asset under a hovering cursor, or may “hold” a batch of highlighted files for later retrieval. In essence, the focus selector plays the same role as an iOS device user’s finger, except with substantially more options for control thanks to the Mac’s GUI.”

“With mouse access, users can drag and drop files, folders and other assets onto the Siri dock icon for processing. For example, a folder full of pictures can be sorted by telling the assistant, “Sort by date,” or “Sort by location.” Following completion of the operation, a secondary command may be issued, or the icon may throw up a list of extra options in text or voice form.”

“Multiple assets can be dragged and dropped onto the assistant for advanced collation, merging and advanced comparison operations. A number of other operations are also described in the full patent document.”

Source: Apple Insider

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