For a long time now there has been many rumours released surrounding the possibility that Apple may release some kind of new TV technology, but it may seem that their plans might be a little bit more than that as Apple Insider have today released some patent fillings for home automation from the company.

The patents were awarded to Apple recently and cover a system the will adaptively track you location and then use that to automate devices around the home, maybe even linking to the iWatch.

The patent which was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, has the No.8,577,392 and has been described as a “system and method of determining location of wireless communication devices/persons for controlling/adjusting operation of devices based on the location”.

Apparently the system will use mobile devices or even static device like an iMac or iPhone/ iPad to track you, and will be designed to be able to tell when you are at work, and when you are at home.

However at the moment this is simply a patent, and isn’t guaranteed to actually mount to anything.

Source Apple InsiderTechCrunch

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