The US Patent and Trademark Office has recently revealed a patent that they awarded to Apple in 2013, dubbed Patent No. 8,773,848, which is for a method that uses “Fused glass device housings,” allowing the manufacturer to fabricate all-glass electronic device casings.

The patent will allow for an all-glass structure that can be heavy, and even made from a layered material to protect the device from scratches, drops and other accidental damage.

The company also says that the patent will also use a new construction method that ensures the durability of the device, but still using a lightweight and eye-pleasing design.

Apple also suggests that it will join glass pieces together via a fusing process rather than using a complete glass-on-glass build.

The edges of the planar and peripheral glass members will also be fused together in order to fuse a thick piece of material that can be machined to a desired shape. Apple will also used raised glass features, alongside internal support ribs that will be placed to reduce flexing and breakage.

There will also be cutouts in the glass surface that can serve as holes for buttons and other controls.

The patent also credits Peter Russell-Clarke, Michael K. Pilliod and Jony Ive as its inventors.

Source: Apple Insider

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