Have you ever been in the situation where you want to adjust some settings on your camera from a distance, but had to walk right back up to your camera again, well it seems that Apple may get those problems too and has patented a new Siri solution, the patent which was filed in 2010 and published today describes a scenario in which you could use your smartphone or computer (which would obviously be a Mac or an iPhone) to control secondary electronic equipment with your voice:

One embodiment may include a first electronic device communicatively coupled to a server and to a second electronic device. The second electronic device may be a portable electronic device, such as a digital media player, that includes a voice user interface. The second electronic device may be capable of accurate speech recognition, but may not include additional computation hardware and/or software for training the speech recognition engine. As such, the bulk, weigh, and cost for manufacturing the second electronic device may be reduced, resulting in a more portable and affordable product.

So this would basically allow you to use Siri to control connected hardware via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, as always though just because it ha been patented doesn’t mean it would be used, as so many of Apple’s thousands of patents aren’t, but the sheer possibility’s to this kind of software could be endless, I mean the wouldn’t have to stop at just a camera and a phone there could be so many other integrations from your iPhone to your speakers or even controlling your vacuum cleaner. Leave us a comment below of what you think, and check out the source link for more info.


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