Apple Pay will be launching in the UK in the UK next month, with support for a number of banks like Santander, RBS, Nattiest and more and with support at over 250,000 locations in the UK, including even the UK transportation system, which is pretty cool.

Apple Pay will now be supported by Discover in the US, allowing US citizens to access Apple Pay with any major credit network available.

And on top of this Apple will be adding more US locations to its list of accepted locations and Apple even revealed that they are working with Square, which will enable small businesses to accept Apple Pay.

Apple says that this will mean that Apple will hit 1 million locations in the U.S. next month.


Apple Pay also includes a new feature that allows users to add their favourite store cards to Appel Pay, allowing for an easier way to earn rewards in stores.

All the user has to do is hold their iPhone to the reader and it will automatically select the right reward card.

They have also said that merchants are seeing more than a 2x increase in checkout rate among customers using Apple Pay in apps.

In order to implement this in a better way, Apple has decided to rename its Passport application with a new name, Wallet, linking Apple Pay more directly to the application.

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