After launching in Canada recently and expanding the service to new banks in the UK, Apple has announced that their mobile payment system, Apple Pay has made its way to Australia.

At launch Apple Pay will be supported by just American Express within Australia, however much like what happened here in the UK, you can expect it to slowly trickle out to other banks over the next few months.

Apple have also said that they will be adding store cards and various loyalty card services to Apple Pay within the country shortly.

Apple has also said that they will be including more areas within Europe and Asia soon, so if your country doesn’t have it yet, you should keep a look out.

This all comes after the service was first launched in the US back in October, allowing users to easily pay for products/ services with their compatible iOS device, all they have to do is load up the ‘Wallet’ app or just double tap the home button when locked, then just authenticate with Touch ID and hover your phone over a compatible card machine.

You can find out more details about Apple’s new mobile payment service in Australia at the link below.

Source Apple

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