You may remember just under a month ago Apple Agreed on a licensing fee to pay Swiss Rail for the use of their clock design in their iPad Clock Application, well we know how much for.

The Cupertino giant will be paying Swiss Rail a total of £21 million in order to use the clock design in their new iOS 6 clock app for the iPad, which launched last September at which point the company decided to use the design without any permission or even the thought of asking.

The news comes from a Google hosted report from AFP who said the following:

“US tech giant Apple has dished out 20 million Swiss francs ($21 million, 17 million euros) to compensate Swiss national rail operator SBB for using its famous clock without permission, a Swiss daily reported Saturday.”

This seems to be an all to often occurrence with Apple, opting to buy their way out of a dispute rather than trying to stop it in the first place, all of which could have been settled before the OS even launched with a simple phone call.

You can find out more information about this at the source link below.

Source: AFP (Google)

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