For some time now we have been telling you about the features that Apple was releasing with their development versions of the latest version of iOS, iOS.3 and the latest version of macOS, macOS Sierra 10.12.4.

That probably got you a little jealous, so you will be happy to know that Apple has today made these versions available to the public.

To start off with iOS, iOS 10.3 comes with some great new changes, including the addition of Apple’s latest file system, the Apple File System, which they first introduced at WWDC 2016 and has been claimed to be the “next generation in storage”.

Once installed, AFS will replace the previous HFS+ file system, so you might notice a longer install time, but after that, you might not notice much else besides a slight increase in available storage.

The new system does a lot of its work in the background with better encryption, scaling across devices, and SSD optimisation.

On top of that, iOS 10.3 will also come with a new Find my AirPod feature in the Find my iPhone app, allowing you to play a sound from your lost AirPods, or checking the location where the earbuds were last connected to your device over Bluetooth.

Alongside that, developers will also be able to respond to reviews in the App Store, and label reviews as helpful or not helpful.

macOS 10.12.4 doesn’t have so many features, however, one major thing is that Night Shift is making it’s way to the Mac operating system.

watchOS was also updated with the new Theater Mode today.

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