For some time now if you had witnessed a problem with your iPhone then you would have to either Google it or go to one of Apple’s stores to get it fixed, from the most simple of problems, all the way up to a faulty battery.

In an attempt to help make some of these problems easier to troubleshoot, Apple released a new app this week that is quite rightly named Apple Support.

The app is pretty simple, it provides you with access to a number of tips, some product information, troubleshooting steps that you can do yourself, and a number of service call tools for easy access.

The app makes a lot of the work that you need to do to get your iPhone fixed easy, allowing you to conduct self-diagnosis without having to resort to Google, or making your way to a local Apple store, with options from figuring out when you last changed your passcode and guides to do a range of things such as backing up data from apps.

It also provides you with easy access to connecting you to a specialist, allowing you to chat, call, and email a member of Apple’s support team, or make an in-person Genius Bar reservation right from the app.

All of this with automatic recognition of the devices that are tied to your Apple account, with information that an Apple agent might require, such as your iPhone’s model number, serial number, and iOS version.

Some time ago they quietly launched this app in The Netherlands, however, today they have decided to finally expand the app to the US, sadly we don’t know about availability in other regions just yet.

That said, Apple has said that the new support app will also be rolled out to additional territories in the coming weeks.

Source: iTunes App Store

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