Since they announced that they would be building the new campus, we have seen many drone flyovers of the Apple Campus 2 (otherwise known as the Spaceship Campus), but now we have finally seen something straight from Apple, who have this week released some new photos of their on-site auditorium.

Built separately from the main building, Apple intendeds to hold future press events from the auditorium, which has been called the “Theatre” internally according to Mashable, who say that it will be the “new stage where Apple will publicly debut its products to the media and, ultimately, the world.”

We know that the “Theatre” will be sized at around 120,000 square-feet and will hold 1,000 seats. Today Apple expanded upon that, revealing some details about the roof, which they say is the “largest freestanding carbon-fiber roof ever made,” at 80 tons.

They also mentioned that they have already installed 900 of the total 3,000 46-foot long glass panels in the new campus, which it had to create custom machines to do.

But perhaps the most stunning addition is its roof, which Apple believes is the largest freestanding carbon-fiber roof ever made. Created by Dubai-based Premier Composite Technologies, it’s a massive statement piece, in addition to a design feat. But please, Apple doesn’t want you to call it a UFO. The roof was added to the Theatre last month… The circular roof is made up of 44 identical radial panels averaging 70 feet long and 11 feet wide, and each connects to a small central hub positioned in the middle… It was assembled and tested in a Dubai desert before being shipped in pieces to Cupertino, California. It weighs 80 tons.

Check out the photos below for a quick look.

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