Apple has finally launched the public beta for their latest Mac OS, OS X Yoesmite, allowing any member of the beta program to download the new OS without having to be a developer.

The build is currently being set out to a million Beta program members, who previously signed up when it was announced at this year’s WWDC, marking the first time that Apple has released a beta build of Mac OS to the public.

To download it, users simply need to redeem the code that Apple sent them for the program.

Apple has said that they will not be updating the Beta Program builds of Yoesmite, and will instead focus on the developer seeds of the OS, which usually come out every two weeks. However once finished, users will be able to upgrade to the full final version via the Mac App Store.

During the program Beta users are also allowed to provide feedback to the OS via the Feedback Assistant, however they are still advised that they should not be using this build as a permanent option.

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