Each year a lot of UK Students travel to university and one of the biggest decisions to make before you arrive is buying a computer, and with Apple’s Back To School discount they make the cost of buying one extremely reduced for students, and this year is no different with Apple’s newest scheme giving you a £70 gift card if you buy a mac for university between June 11th and September 21st, or a £35 one for those who buy a new iPad between those dates.

If you live in the US Apple will offer you a $100 App Store card for Mac purchases and $50 for iPad purchases.

The gift card can be used for apps, books, music and movies, but to be eligible “you must be a university student, a student accepted to a university, a parent buying for a university student, or a faculty or staff member from any level.”

Once you buy a qualifying Mac or iPad from Apple’s Online store or Retail Store you will also relieve the gift card, so there’s no extra applications to fill in.

Via [Apple]

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