Our fellow bloggers TechnoBuffalo found some pretty interesting news from a high-ranking major electronics retailer, who told then that we could be expecting a long time rumoured Apple TV between the months of April and May.

The source has also stated that like most Apple products around today the TV itself is “gorgeous, very thin”. The source claims that they have seen the pre-production models of the TV, which are set to include OLED panels, in a variant of sizes up to 42 inches.

This is obviously huge news for Apple, as it means they finally are breaking into the TV market, which if your honest we have all been waiting for, alongside this information we have heard a lot of rumours surrounding this device over what else it might include.

One of the biggest rumours we have heard is that the device might run its own version of iOS, which would separate it from Apple’s current Apple TV device, alongside this we have also heard that the device could also include a beefed up version of Siri allowing you to use voice controls as well as hand gestures, much like Microsoft’s Kinect.

Alongside all of this TechnoBuffalo also heard that Apple could add a feature to allow users to control other devices around their home from the TV, a sort of souped-up Home Sharing, as well as this you should also expect some other features from Apple that are pretty different to that which is included in TVs today.

Unfortunately, that’s about all the information we have found, apart from the obvious iCloud connectivity that is bound to be included we don;t know much else, but be sure to check out TechNutty regularly as we find out more.

[Via TechnoBuffalo]

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