If you kept up with the news yesterday you may have noticed that Apple launched their new ‘Complete My Season’ feature, which allows you complete a season of previously purchased TV shows that you have not got the whole series too.

Today Apple followed up the release and posted a support document for the service which shows you FAQs for the service, alongside explaining what content will and won’t be eligible for the program, alongside this they also posted an updated version of the “Complete My Album” support document, which includes a very nice change.

If you have ever used the service before then you might know you only have a window of 180 days from when you first purchase a track within the album to when you can upgrade it to the Complete My Album program, which has now been removed as you can see from the iTunes Store terms and conditions:


In some circumstances, you will have no more than 180 days from the time you acquire your first CMA-eligible song or video from a particular CMA-eligible album to accept that CMA offer, and upgrading previous purchases to iTunes Plus does not affect any such time limits.

But the updated support document posted by Apple today reveals a different answer, and it now appears that the 180-day deadline has been removed entirely.

How long do I have to take advantage of Complete My Album?

When you buy individual songs from any qualifying album, you can complete the album at any time, as long as the album is available for sale on the iTunes Store.

Many users taking advantage of the Complete My Album program obviously already do so within the previously-imposed 180-day window as they decide that they like certain songs enough to purchase the entire album. The lifting of the restriction will, however, still be of use for those who decide much later that they want to upgrade.

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