It seems that recently Apple’s App Store is starting to become unreliable with tons of fake apps being released constantly, can we trust Apple in the same way we used to? Knowing that Apple sifted through all submitted apps used to help with that trust but after a recent disrupt to their system I think the once great app store is starting to deteriorate, the disrupt in question is one which is reportedly causing updates to apps on both the Mac and iOS stores to become corrupt.

First spotted by the Instapaper developer, Macro Arment when he was updating the Instapaper app to 4.2.3 he noticed that users were reporting crashes during launch, even though the app Macro sent to Apple worked without the issue. This was later resolved by Apple but according to Arment it wasn’t as the only way to truly fix the problem was to re-install the app, completely deleting to old one.

Instapaper isn’t even the only app to receive the problem as The Verge confirmed the problem is also within other apps including PDX Bus, Angry Birds Space HD Free and GoodReader, who actually had the problem with not one but two separate updates. Were not exactly sure were the problem has come from just yet but it seems to be coming from Apple’s side not the developers, we will just have to wait and see how widespread this issue actually is.

Via [The Verge]

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