According to The Financial Times, Apple is negotiating the purchase of Beats for $3,2 billion, in a deal that would include the Beats Music streaming service, and their headphone and speaker line. If true this would be the largest acquisition Apple has made ever, and could be announced as soon as next week, however as yet Apple is declining to comment on the reports.

It would definitely make sense for them as a company however, having sold Beats products in their stores more or less since their original launch, the Beats product line is a perfect fit with Apple’s product line, and the deal will even be sweetened  with the acquisition of the Beats streaming service, which would first off kill off a competitor, and secondly possibly enhance their iTunes Radio service, and may even allow the company to create a variable model for the Android and desktop platforms.

According to the reports this might all be something that Apple already knows however, as some reports are claiming the execs from both Apple and Beats have meat serval times over the course of this year, and even ahead of the Beats Music launch. In this meetings Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple’s iTunes and Cloud Services Chief, Eddy Cue were said to be present.

If this all turns out true, it would mean Apple will have to empty their bank accounts more than eve, with the only other acquisition even close to this being the 1997 buy out of NeXt computer in 1997 in a deal that is now worth close to $600 million when adjusted for inflation, just under that is the memory maker Anobit, in a deal that was reported to be for $390 million in 2011.

That’s not to say that the company doesn’t make a lot of acquisitions however, they generally just make small ones, and don’t tell anyone about them.

Source: The Financial Times

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