You might have to bear with us on this one as the story goes back quite sometime, beginning in May it was first reported that the European commission had begun looking into alleged anti-competitive practices in order to push sales for the iPhone.

During which they were said to have sent out a number of questionnaires to retailers asking if Apple had asked them to participate in these practices.

Now reports are coming in that the French anti-trust group, Autorite de la Concurrence is on a similar path, digging a little deeper into some of Apple’s practices, and according to the French newspaper, Les Echos, authorities have already searched a number of Apple’s offices, wholesalers and retailers.

However the main story today is actually one about Apple’s taxes or rather a lack of, as it seems that the company might have paid zero taxes for the last fiscal year, despite earning £68 million for that same year in the UK.

A story which was first reported by CNET, and could see some of that trustful rep of Apple’s start to disappear.

Hit up the source link for more information.

Source: CNET

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