The guys over at Cupertino have today revealed its plans to replace their current San Francisco store with a new showcase store design, revealing plans to move to it nine years after the store’s original opening.

The plans have already been submitted to San Francisco’s planning board, moving the store to Stockton and Post on Union Square, replacing the current Levi’s store which will be making its own move this summer.

The new storefront will grant Apple access to 24,819 square feet of space, which is 45% larger than Apple’s current San Francisco store.

In their statement to AllThingsD, Apple said the following:

“We’re thrilled to be working with the city of San Francisco on a new Apple retail store at Union Square, our store on Stockton Street has welcomed over 13 million customers since it opened nine years ago, and we look forward to serving them in an amazing new location when this project is complete.”

However they didn’t reveal any information on when they expect to officially open the store, but have released a couple of mock-ups of the store, revealing its two-floor design, with large glass panels and open floors.

One of the images you will find above and the second is below, also head over to AllThingsD for more information.

apple san francisco store 2

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