If you have your very own iPhone 4S, you are probably sitting there right now hoping for some news on a new update released for your phone to fix that pesky battery issue, but according to some sources the next iOS 5.0.2 update has now been put on hold despite rumours last week of a release date around this week.

As I said in the last post regarding this update Apple hasn’t even released a developer beta for the update which meant it was going to be highly unlikely for a release date this soon, but that is no excuses for how long Apple have taken to fix the issue which first arisen over a month ago.

Currently, it is unclear why Apple have put the update on hold, or even if there was an update to be released in the first place, but according to the source“the software needs more testing,”, alongside the fix of battery issues, the next update is also supposed to also fix the Documents in the Cloud feature as well as some other minor bugs.

What do you think? When will Apple release their next update? Are you fed up of waiting for them?

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