If you have ever broke your iPhone so bad that you’ve had to take it to the Apple Genius Bar to get a replacement, then you will know all about the free refurb upgrade you get if Apple cannot find a way to repair your phone. Well if you manage to do that again with your white 16GB iPhone 4 you might just find yourself walking out with an iPhone 4S instead.

Your probably thinking how in the world that will happen, well according to 9to5mac, Apple have told certain Genius Bars to start replacing the iPhone 4 models with the newer iPhone 4S due to inventory of the white iPhone 4 16GB refurb models being extremely low.

But don’t go out breaking your phone on purpose just yet as this will not affect all customers in all of the Apple stores, with sources claiming the issue is only affected in stores within the US and Canada. But if you’re lucky enough you may just find yourself with an upgrade.

Via [9to5mac]

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