A new image of Apple’s Spaceship Campus has been posted today showing an aerial view of the outline of the new demolished  groups of the campus, granting a new view of how the construction of the campus is progressing.

Tweeted by @Sky1Ron, it provides a look at just how big Apple’s new campus, with a clear outline that resembles the plans we first seen in February.

Once finished the new Apple Campus house more than 12,000 employees, with a total of 2.8 million square feet of new space for Apple.

In this new space, Apple will be placing underground parking with space for 2,400 vehicles, as well as a number of power buildings, and a building for Apple to host their conferences in.

There will also be a separate research and development building that will be sized at around 600,000 square feet, and will cost Apple around $5 billion dollars by the time it is completed in 2016.

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