Apple’s Summer Camp will be hosting free coding courses this year, offering three-day workshops to teach kids how to code.

This comes after Apple announced the launch of the Swift Playgrounds app for the iPad at WWDC, which has been built to teach children from ages 13 and above how to code with Swift, at Apple Stores, Apple will be using similar techniques to teach kids aged between 8-12 how to code games and program robots.

Apple has said that during the course “kids will learn visual block-based coding for games, applying logic skills such as pattern recognition and problem-solving. Then they’ll use what they’ve learned to program their own robots to perform tasks, challenges, and much more.” as well  teaching them how “to make films by storyboarding ideas, shooting video and creating an original soundtrack.” says the company. There will also be the chance to create interactive books with illustrations and sounds. At the end of the three-day course the “campers” will be given a chance to show off their work in the Apple Summer Camp Showcase.

At the end of the three-day course, kids will get the opportunity to create interactive books with illustrations and sounds, which they can show off at the Apple Summer Camp.

Courses will include:

Week of July 25    – Coding Games and Programming Robots
Week of August 1 – Stories in Motion with iMovie
Week of August 8 – Interactive Storytelling with iBooks

You can find out more and sign your kid up at the source link below.

Source: Apple

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