Another day another company Apple are suing, today Apple choose to sue Motorola over the design of its Zoom tablet and it’s similarities to Apple’s iPad and iPad 2, the notes of this were spotted in Apple’s complaint against Samsung and their Galaxy Tab 10.1 which they recently won a case which saw Samsung’s tablet suspended in Europe.

It seems like Apple are specifically targeting certain tablets in an all war against their competitor Andriod, but after a huge success with the iPad 2 it seems as if Apple are just trying to chase out competition for their device, from which Apple is already suing Motorola for over forty US patents, and is still involved in huge cases over Samsung and HTC around the world.

I am just wondering how many companies Apple are going to sue before they decide that no one is copying them, I did agree with the case against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, but I don’t agree with this as I think they look like two totally different devices. Check out this image I found which was a comment on MacRumors:

What do you think? Are Apple right to sue Motorola over this? Are any of Apple’s over cases right?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.


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