The patent war between Samsung and Apple seems to be ever-growing, with the two companies filing a large amount of lawsuits against each others design and patent infringement, which so far has only affected their tablet and smartphone products.

But now Apple has decided to sue Samsung for its cases as well as its devices, claiming Samsung’s case for the 10.1 tablet infringe its patents and registered design, earlier this year Samsung did release their own case that exactly resembled Apple’s Smart Cover, even down to its name, ‘Smart Case’.

After Samsung realised they did issue a blog post explaining that the product was not approved by them and that they have pulled it before it could start selling,

More recently Samsung realised an official statement on the issue, which sort of doesn’t face the issue itself with Samsung not actually using the term ‘case’ but instead using ‘protective case accessories’:

We would like to clarify that the additional claims filed by Apple in Australia do not relate to protective case accessories, as has been indicated in some media reports. In fact, the intellectual property asserted are patents related to the utility of mobile devices and design rights related to the external appearance of devices.
We are confident we can demonstrate that the GALAXY range of devices is innovative and distinctive, and will take all available measures to ensure our products remain available to consumers in Australia.

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