Alongside the Mac and watchOS news, Apple just announced that they will be turning things “up to 11” with the launch of iOS 11.

This new version will come with a range of new features, and they started things off with some new Messages announcements, which include automatic iCloud synchronisation for Messages.

Apple Pay has also received an update to allow for person-to-person payments from the Messages application.

And they weren’t done there.

Siri has also been updated with a brand new voice that has been changed via deep learning that means that Apple now has a more natural tone and more ways to say a single word.

There’s also a new visual interface that can bring up multiple answers to questions. Siri will also be able to translate languages for you.

HEVC will also be coming to the iPhone for up to 2x better compression, along with new image compression that allows for up to 2x better compression via Apple’s new image compression tech.

iOS 11 can also take better images in low-light.

Control Center has also been updated with a new single page design that has a set of new switches for everything that has new sliders and support for 3D Touch that allows for more controls on individual controls. You can do this with everything from the flashlight control to the music section.

Sadly, we don’t know if you will be able to customise these sections with your own controls yet, but that looks like it might be an awesome feature for this new design, one can hope.

Lock screen and notifications have also been combined, allowing you to scroll up on the lock screen to view more notifications and bring down that lock screen by swiping down.

There’s also a new Do Not Disturb While Driving that will automatically check whether you are driving via WiFi and Bluetooth and then

It turn the screen black and will instead remind you that you driving, but it will let you get through if you insist, or a passenger does.

It will automatically reply to people who send you messages to let you know that you are driving but will allow the most important messages to come through so you don’t miss out, according to Apple.

HomeKit also has a new speaker category that comes along AirPlay 2, which will bring new support for multi-room audio for playing music anywhere in the home. There’s also a new shared Up Next for Apple Music that will allow people in a party to change tracks, with a brand new API for third-party applications.

Apple Music will also show you what your friends are listening to with iOS 11, and there’s a new MusicKit API for developers that will provide them with full access to the Apple Music service.

To top all of that off, there will be a newly redesigned version of the App Store, which we explained more about in this dedicated article.

Metal 2 and HEVC are also coming to iOS along with some new machine learning features that will make your smartphone smarter on by providing developers with new access to this via the new Core ML API that will allow them to use the same tools that Apple has been using to make iOS devices faster.

They have also brought AR to the iPhone with the release of ARKit, which will bring developers a number of new features to their applications, allowing them to use augmented reality features to expand their applications with some new AR features.

It uses all of the sensors that already exist within the smartphone, along with the cameras and the CPU & GPU. Apple says this will make the iPhone the largest AR platform in the word.

iPad is also getting a range of new features with a brand new dock that is expandable like it is on Mac, with tons of space for applications.

This dock can also be brought up while you are in an app, from where you can drag and drop an app over the top of another and multitask between applications.

And there’s a brand new App Switcher that allows you to slide in and slide out of applications with new functions to access quickly alongside those applications.

And Apple has brought drag & drop to the Mac, allowing you to drag and drop files and other stuff between applications in a similar manner to iOS.

There’s also a new Files application for iPad, which will allow you to access your documents, not only on Apple services or on your iPad, but also on other services like Dropbox, Google Drive or others.

iOS 11 will be available this Fall.


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