Apple has today announced a new developer platform called Dev for iOS, in order to allow for better integration for developers.

The first is add-ons for the App Store with new searches, including trending searches, and a continuing searching list, with a new related section the shows app segments

There’s also new app bundles, that allows users to buy multiple apps at a discounted price. There’s also something called App Previews that allows developers to create demo videos of their applications.

There’s also a feature called TestFlight that allows developers to allow users to beta test their apps.

Screenshot 2014-06-02 19.26.24

There’s also a new SDK with 4000 new developer APIs, the first is one called Extensibility that allows apps to add on extensions right inside other apps securely, allowing developers to allow users to access various features, the first that Apple revealed is in photos, allowing developers to add features to the photos app to allow for extra photo editing options.

Apple will also allow users to add widgets to their Notification Center, which will even notify users when a new widget is available, allowing them to quickly add widgets and even order them between other applications, and easily access features from within that app.

Safari also has extension capability, an example that Apple gave for this was for Bing Translate, which allows users to translate webpages by simply clicking the URL drop down menu, and then click the extension.

They also gave an example for a Pinterest extension that brings new functionality with its own UI, allowing users to quickly pin an item.
Screenshot 2014-06-02 19.33.43

Apple will also allow for keyboard extensions, allowing users to access new keyboards like that which have been included in Android for some time.

Apple will also allow developers to access Touch ID within their apps, allowing them to add authentication logins with the users fingerprint, storing all of this data right inside of the processor itself.

There’s also new camera APIs to access to the manual controls, with new APIs for access to faster performance.

Screenshot 2014-06-02 19.30.17

They also unveiled their HomeKit API, which allows developers to access APIs for locks, lights, cameras, doors, thermostats, plugs and switches.

It will even integrate with Siri, and will allow for iOS specific controls.

CloudKit will also be included, allowing developers to access services from Apple to easily access things like storage and authentication, and all for free (but with limits).

Screenshot 2014-06-02 19.36.28

There’s also something called Metal included which allows for better capability with apps, and allowing for faster and even bring new bigger apps to iOS.

Apple announced that CryTek and EA will be bringing console level games to iOS with these new Metal capabilities.

Apple also updated SpriteKit to allow for better casual games, with more support for game development techniques that allow for better gameplay and graphics.

There’s also something new called SceneKit that is designed for casual games with an integrated game engine.

Xcode was also updated at the show, with one main feature, with an entirely new programming language called Swift, that is said to be more modern, safe and fast.

They say Swift in a lot faster than Python and Objective-C, Swift code will also work alongside Objective-C and C code in the same applications, with a new feature called Playgrounds, that will immediately show the results of your script from within the application.

There’s a lot of features that I can’t point out completely, so here’s a screenshot.

Screenshot 2014-06-02 19.47.21

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