Apple has announced a new product to take on systems like Sonos.

This is the new HomePod AirPlay speaker, which is a multi-room speaker that will work alongside Apple devices like the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

It also features 6 microphones around it to allow you to use Siri, and it will work alongside Apple Music to allow it to play music that you want.

It will have a focus on playing songs, in particular, however, you will be able to use Siri on HomePod just like you would from another Apple device.

Of course, it can also control your HomeKit devices. So it’s ready to take on Amazon Echo and Google Home as well as Sonos.

It will also allow you to control your HomeKit enabled devices remotely via the Home app on iOS, and it will all be encrypted like Apple’s other products and services.

The best thing is that Apple has priced it pretty well at just $349, which is pretty good providing considering the features. While that may not seem much on the surface, the HomePod is more than just a home assistant with some music played features built in, it has an A8 processor, high-excursion woofer, and a seven-tweeter array that should make it pretty comparable to the Sonos speakers while including that Siri functionality.

And it can sense the room that it is in automatically to adjust the sound based on the location, and push the output from the speaker where you need it. It is also multi-room compatible with other HomePod speakers, meaning you can set up a whole home music and assistant system with just a few of these speakers, no need for that messy Amazon Echo Dot setup that people are using.

It will be available in December in the US, UK and in Australia and then around the world soon after.

You can find out more about it at the source link below.

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