As has been rumoured for some time, Apple has today unveiled the release of a brand new iOS operating system.

Named iOS 10, they announced the launch of it along with a number of other features about it during iOS 10 today. One of the first of these features was the new Apple TV remote app, which allows users to use touch, voice and motion controls to control equipment.

There’s also the addition of automatic download of apps across devices to tvOS and iOS, with new Continuity features that work with the new macOS Sierra release, specifically, Universal Clipboard is interesting, which allows you to copy data and have that copied data sent to your mac automatically for seamless copy and pasting.

There’s also new lockscreen features, with new rich notifications that allow for quick interactions with applications on the homscreen, along with functionality with 3D Touch. The lock screen will also get a new widgets view if you swipe down, and a quick camera launcher by swiping right.

Raise to wake is another new feature, that allows you to wake the phone’s lock screen when you lift it, providing an overview of notifications and updates.

Siri is also getting opened up to developers, allowing users to interact with third-party apps over the personal assistant.

Siri also has more contextual awareness to make intelligent suggestions based on your current location, calendar availability, contact information, recent addresses, and more.

The Photos app is also getting new object and scene detection for more powerful search and sorting features, allowing you to view photos in a segment that is relevant to a moment. Apple Maps also got update with a new cleaner UI and new traffic information.

Apple Music also got a new, simpler interface still keeping the tabs at the bottom, but with new features across the app with a lyrics view update music that is playing. Apple News has also received a similar new design, with breaking news notifications and in=app subscriptions.

To top that off, Apple also revealed the launch of a new app called Apple Home, which allows you to manage and control all of the connected and compatible accessories around the home, with new functionality with the Control Center and lock screen.


Phone will also get voicemail transcriptions in iOS 10, allowing you to view messages without having the listen to them, alongside new features that can detect a possible phone spam number and label it as one.

Finally, there’s also a new messages app for iOS, which allows you to play videos inside of messages, send larger Emojii and make fonts larger or smaller. Messages will also get new bubble effects, animations and the ability to highlight text that can be turned into an Emoji.

Developer preview today, public beta in July and public launch this fall.

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