Apple has announced iOS 8, with capabilities with the new developer features that Apple will be announcing later, alongside a set of new end-user features according to the company.

It will feature a similar design to iOS 7, but with a few new features.

There’s also something called Interactive Notifications which allows users to quickly perform actions from notifications, from the lock screen you can swipe right to see the actions, and then from elsewhere simply swipe down and you can simply answer message, or even click comment/ like buttons from Facebook, or just swipe up to get rid of it.

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You can also double tap the home button and view you favourite contacts, which are above the app switcher screen.

There’s also a tab view in Safari, that shows that same grid view on the iPad, with the same sidebar as is in Mac OS X.

Mail also has new gestures to control message in your inbox, when sending a message you can simply swipe the new message windows down to view your mail, just in case you need to view something behind it.

You can swipe right on a message in the inbox to view action buttons for flagging, deleting and replying, or swipe left to mark it as unread.

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Spotlight will now also show more results, showing news, data from the internet, and even songs and apps that aren’t even on your device, searching the apps store.

Safari will also show these Spotlight suggestions.

Apple also announced something called QuickType which will show suggestions for the word it thinks you might want tot type, and it will even show clever suggestions that it think you might respond to a message with. It will also learn from your communication style, and even learn how you type for different contacts.

This will work with a number of languages.

Contiguity will also work on iOS 8, allowing for the same integration as Mac OS X.

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Group Messages will also allow users to name threads, add & remove contacts, as well as selecting to Do Not Disturb for that thread, and leave the tread whenever you want.

From within Messages you can also share your location  for a set period of time and attachments to group members, and even click tap to talk in order to send a voice message or even a video message.

You can also choose to keep voice and video messages, or leave them to expire in 30 days.

You can even listen to the message right from the lockscreen by simply lifting up the phone, lower it and it will send.

iCloud Drive will also work with iOS devices, you can find out more about that here.

Apple also announced new Enterprise features during the show, allowing Enterprise users to simply enroll a device without having to get the device out of the box to set it up, it will simply start doing that when the user starts it up.

There’s also a number of new password protect features, as well as VIP threads in message, automatic reply for exchange, free/ busy notifications for calendar, and access to other document services from apps.

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Apple also announced HealthKit and Health, that allows users to monitor all of the metrics that they’re most interested in, as well as plug-in in other information to third-party apps, allowing you to track information from other apps.

Health-kit will even automatically notify applications when a statistic is found, and even notify a doctor if it finds information that is not in line with that users health needs, allowing users to share information with registered doctors.

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There’s also a new family sharing feature, allowing users to set up a family on an iOS device to automatically share photos in photo stream, and even reminders and calendars.

Families can also automatically Find My Family and Phone with Family Sharing.

Users can even access purchased content from other family members, with up to six other family members who share the same credit card, however on other devices, users will need permission from the parent to download a paid application.

Apple will also be allowing users to access all of the family photos from the Photos apps, with new search suggestions that will allow users to quickly access photos from things like locations, time, and from albums.

There’s also new Smart Editing functions for things like auto-cropping and straightening, and change the levels of light and colour, these edits will automatically be uploaded to your iCloud album.

Apple also say that they are also working on a version for the Mac, more information here.

The first 5GB is free on iCloud, and there will be some extra storage options coming soon

There’s also new Siri functions, allowing users to control Siri by saying “Hey Siri”, with new integration with Shazam.

iOS 8 will be available to developers from today, and to the public this fall.

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