Apple has finally decided to unveil its own battery case, launching its own slim battery case that is designed for the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6.

Called the Smart Battery Case, it has a simple design that is similar to the already existing official iPhone cases, but with a built-in battery on the back that promises to increase the iPhone’s battery by 25 hours on talk time.

Apple have also added integration with the iPhone, allowing users to swipe down in the notifications centre to see battery levels for both the iPhone itself and the Smart Battery case.

There’s also a battery indicator on the lock screen when charging that lets you know how much both have. The case is also charged using the standard Lightning cable.

The case also slips over the iPhone and is available in both Charcoal and White.

The Smart Battery case is available now for the iPhone 6 and 6S for £79.99.

Unlike most battery cases available today, this one is charged via Apple’s standard Lightning cable.

You can find out more at the source link.

Source: Apple

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