It was quite some time ago that Apple originally unveiled the Apple Watch smartwatch, today they have revealed the next generation of that smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 2.

One of the biggest changes it that the Apple Watch is completely “swim-proof”, with water resistance in up to 50 metres of water, which they did by redesigning the speaker in a way that it can eject water by itself, as well as the addition of seals around other areas that they could seal.

Inside of the smartwatch, you will also find the 2nd-gen SIP, which has a dual-core processor that’s up to 50% faster, and a new GPU that is up to 2x faster, which would allow Apple and developers to create better applications for your wrist.

It also comes with a new display that is said to be 2x brighter, at 1000 nits, making it the brightest display that Apple has ever shipped.

More importantly, the smartwatch also includes GPS built-in now, allowing you to still track your workouts, without needing your phone. When you get home from which, the app on the iPhone will show your route and more detailed stats.

Apple Watch Series 2 will be available with a ceramic, aluminium, or stainless steel body, as well as the addition of a number of new bands, including the Hermes bands, which have been updated for the next generation Apple Watch.

And it will come with watchOS 3 pre-installed.

It will be priced from $369 in the US, or £299 in the UK.

Alongside the Series 2 the original Apple Watch which will also get the new dual-core processor, but from just $269 in the US, and £269 in the UK.

You can pre-order them from September 9th, it will then go on sale from September 16th, shortly after the watchOS release date, which is September 13th.

You can find out more about both smartwatches at the source links below.

Source: Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 1

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