Apple has just released the new iOS software for it’s Apple TV, adding some cool new features, the biggest is intergration with iCloud which will now support TV Shows you have downloaded alongside existing apps and music, the update has also upgraded the YouTube feature to allow you to browse and watch all the videos from Vimeo, they have also allowed access to YouTube playlists.

And if you live in the US Apple hasn’t stopped their, you will also be able to purchase TV shows stright from your Apple TV, allowing you to download any show that is available on iTunes. And with the iCloud integration you will also be able to stream any TV show you previously purchased from your Apple ID.

Apple has defiantly made this a big update probably the best is TV Shows in the cloud but like me if you live in UK, you won’t have access to this just yet, but I recon Apple will sort it out at some point.

what do you think? Have you updated yet?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.

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