Today Apple unveiled a new update for both the GarageBand iOS application and the Logic Pro X application on Mac, providing music creators with a range of new features.

Most interestingly, Apple updated both of these apps so that they can be linked closer together with the ability to add new tracks to Logic sessions from GarageBand over the cloud.

They also specifically updated GarageBand on IOS with support for the software synthesiser Alchemy, as well as Mult-Take Recording, which allows you to pick the best moments from GarageBand easily. The audio recorder in GarageBand has also been updated with one-touch effects and more detailed studio treatments.

There’s also a new array of effects along with third-party plugin support in GarageBand.

Moving onto Logic Pro X, Apple updated it to 10.3 and added a complete user interface overall to make it easier to read in a variety of working environments. There’s also support for the 2016 MacBookk Pro’s Touch Bar, bringing quick access timeline navigation controls to the bar, as well as volume and Smart Controls for each track.

With the update, you can also turn the Touch Bar into a piano roll with selectable scales, or a set of drum pads in performance mode.

This all comes alongside a new professional-grade 64-bit summing engine, and a new feature called Track Alternatives, which allows you to listen to and compare various versions of your music project.

Both of the updates are available for free to anyone who has previously purchased it. If you have yet to purchase it, Logic Pro X is £149.99 and GarageBand is £3.99.

GarageBand is available for free to any iOS devices that’s recent so it’s likely that you can grab that for free.

Source: Apple

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