Alongside the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple released their new smartwatch this week, called the Apple Watch Series 2 it brings a number of new features to the Apple Watch, including the addition of waterproofing, a new GPS sensor and more.

You can check out the full specifications in our article about the release here.

You can also view all of the best reviews in an easy to consume form below.

CNET – 4/5

“Smartwatches still aren’t something you need in your life. Neither are fitness trackers.

That being said, I’ve found some use for them in my life. The Apple Watch has finally become something that’s better. But even so, it lacks things I still really want. Better battery life, for one. A display that feels always-on, so I can keep interacting with it. And maybe, someday, an ability to be something I can use away from the phone better…or connect with other things.”

Read CNET’s full review here.


“Apple may have reined in some of the original Apple Watch whimsy, but it’s enhanced it in a number of smart and essential ways. While Apple didn’t deliver a fresh design (maybe next year), new components make it faster, while new software makes it smarter and more useful. Plus, for those who care more about the style than the technology, there are now even more material, finish and band choices. “

Read Mashable’s review here.


“That’s a massive gain over the first-generation device and one that is likely to appeal to those wanting more than a Fitbit, but who are scared by an all-powerful, athlete-focused watch from Garmin or Polar. However, for those who take their sport very seriously, we still can’t see the Watch 2 replacing a dedicated sportswatch just yet. It’s really for those looking for a do-it-all device that could easily go with a suit or some Lyrca.

Over the last two years the Apple Watch improved to offer plenty – and the Series 2 is the current pinnacle of that. From notifications and Apple Pay, to heart-rate monitoring and fitness tracking; it can also act as a remote to control your HomeKit smarthome devices, or even quickly unlock your Mac.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is so much more than just a pretty smartwatch. It’s now a smartwatch with a purpose.”

You can read their full review here.


“The Apple Watch Series 2 is the first real Apple Watch.

It delivers on the promise of a mostly passive device that can accomplish simple tasks in 1-3 seconds. There is now built-in GPS which allows for exercising without having to lug along a comparatively heavy iPhone just to get accurate tracking. And it’s completely waterproof, as any decent sport watch should be.”

Read their full review here.


“The Apple Watch 2 doesn’t do anything mind-blowing, but adds in tweaks in the right places to make it a much more attractive option for prospective smartwatch owners than its predecessor.

It’s almost a shame that it’s limited to Apple users, as it’s certainly one of, if not the, best smartwatch out there right now.

Almost every single upgrade offers something of tangible benefit: the GPS chip, the faster innards, the water-resistant frame.

Suddenly the Apple Watch is able to last longer and track you better, and even offers you the chance to get better at a new activity.

But it is expensive – so it’s not a simple case of ‘Got an iPhone? Buy this, post-haste!’.”

You can check out TechRadar’s review here.

The Verge

“There’s something effortlessly cool (and yes, expensive and even ridiculous) about having your phone ring across the room or in your bag, looking down and accepting the call on your wrist, and knowing the wire-free AirPods in your ears are going to pick up the call. We’re entering an era where technology hardware might eventually disappear into the background, as touch and voice and gesture become our more frequent interactions, but the irony is that all of this requires piling on a bunch of hardware to get there first.

The Series 2 Watch is another step in that direction. It’s another piece of hardware on your wrist, one that looks the same as the one before it. But it’s not about a new form factor; Apple has made that clear with its newest products. It’s about what the thing can actually do.”

Read The Verge’s full review here.

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