If you have been looking at tech news during any time this year you would have noticed something about Apple’s ongoing court case with Samsung over the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and 10.1n, well today was the final ruling from the Dusseldorf Higher Regional Court in Germany, who concluded that the ban on the Galaxy Tab 7.7 should be extended to the entire EU, but rejected Apple’s Appeal against the 10.1N

The reason for the court rejecting Apple’s appeal was because they found that the Galaxy Tab 10.1N was a good enough change from the 10.1 for it to not infringe upon Apples patents, Samsung said this about that decision:

“Samsung welcomes the court’s ruling which confirms our position that the GALAXY Tab 10.1N does not infringe Apple’s intellectual property and does not infringe laws against unfair competition. Should Apple continue to make legal claims based on such a generic design patent, design innovation and progress in the industry could be restricted.”

On the other hand was the Galaxy Tab 7.7, which previously was only banned in Germany but has now been banned from sale anywhere in the EU, as you can guess Samsung’s response to this was a little more downhearted this time.

“Samsung is disappointed with the court’s ruling. We will continue to take all available measures, including legal action, to protect our intellectual property rights and defend against Apple’s claims to ensure our products remain available to consumers throughout the European Union.”

Hopefully this won’t be going on for too much longer and both company’s can just carry on making products, but from the sounds of Samsung’s second statement I’m not to sure that will happen.

Via [FOSS Patents and The Verge]

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