Some of you might know that today is Earth Day, and as part of that Apple has released a new segment on their website to show off what it is doing for the environment, as well as committing to offering free recycling for its products.

Showcased in a video called ‘Better’, Apple’s CEO explains how they “want to leave the world better than we found it.” Detailing some of the points that already make Apple one of the most environmental companies in the technology sector, as well as providing some reasons why they might continue to be.

One of the biggest points that was explained was the fact that Apple is “the only company in the sector whose data centres are powered by 100 per cent renewable energy”, as well as detailing other ways Apple has increased its Environmental effort, cutting the power used in stand-by mode for the iMac from 30W in 1998, to 0.9W in the current model, which is in total a 97% percent drop.

Apple Stores around the world have “also set up recycling programs in cities and college campuses in 95 per cent of the countries where our products are sold, diverting more than 421 million pounds of equipment from landfills since 1994.” And a lot of this is not even Apple products, with the site stating that “in 2010, we set out to achieve a worldwide recycling collection rate of 70 per cent of the total weight of the products we sold seven years earlier. Since then, we have consistently reached 85 per cent.”

As part of this ongoing initiative, Apple has also committed to offer free recycling of its products worldwide, granting customers store gifts cards if the product can be reused, or simply cutting the bill to free if they cannot.

You can find out more on Apple’s environmental page.

Source: Apple

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