Apple has decided to be a bit of a Scrooge this Chrstmas, denying an application from the technology and design lab behind the Kickstarter campaign for the POP portable power station, forcing them to pay $139,170 in refunds, which was received from backers during the course of the campaign.

Apple refused the project permission to licence the Lightning charger in a device that also includes other charging options, as it featured connectors for iPads, iPhones and Android devices, however Apple’s reason for denying the application was because it combined their Lightning connector with the older 30-pin connector.

In a telephone interview with VentureBeat, the CEO of Edison Junior (the company behind the POP) said, “We are pissed, I think they are being a bunch of assholes, and I think they’re hurting their customers.” Which puts it quite bluntly but is certainly understandable.

Alongside the full refunds the company also have to absorb credit card fees as well as the Kickstarter fees which in total makes up $11,000.

You can read the full details at the source link below.

Source: VentureBeat

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