Apple launched their iTunes Match service a few years ago, launching with a limit of 25,000 tracks that you would be able to match with Apple’s library, and then stream it from the cloud to any of your Apple devices.

This week Apple has dramatically increased the amount of tracks that a user can match with the iTunes March service from this original 25,000 to a massive 100,000 tracks.

Apple said that they would do this back in September when iOS 9 was released, over this has only just been rolled out over the last few days.

Despite this Apple is still showing that iTunes March has a 25,000 track limit on their support page.

However it has now been increased to 100,000 tracks, but this does not include tracks you have purchased from iTunes.

If you have not already signed up to iTunes Match then you can do so via the iTunes application on your Mac or PC, or via the settings on your iPhone or iPad.

It costs £25 a year.

Via: MacRumors

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